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Building and construction

Solution for building and construction companies, developers, but also for small entrepreneurs, who either within their business or through subcontractors perform any work that need to be documented. The solution allows to establish a new commision, add its structure and then add records to it such as: passport, documentation, work safety, etc.

We offer several modules for building and construction.

Module for creation and definition of commisions

In this module you can create and adit commisions and their structure. This structure is very flexible and you can create tree structure of the whole commision. This structure might look like:

  • Commision -> Building object -> Storey -> Room
  • Commision -> Object -> Construction element
  • etc.

Additional information can be assighned for each contract or element:

  • attributes and group of attributes
  • documents, photographs that can be sorted into groups of documents
  • GPS coordinates
  • supplier – to each commision you can add suppliers, which will participate on it
  • craft – to each commision you can add crafts, which will work on it

Module for records to individual commisions

In this module you can keep all records for each commision or its element. These records can be divided according to their predefined types. There is also support for sofisticated workflow for changing record states while working with them. Records can have all kind of information. Among the most widely used belong:

  • Activity type – contains a list of values for activity type definition (for example documentation, passport, work safety, etc.)
  • Activity specification – contains a list of values for detailed “Activity type” cpecification
  • Commission – contains a link to specific commision or its part
  • Description
  • Supplier
  • Craft
  • Infrormation about who and when created the record
  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Marking the exact sport on the blueprint
  • state – contains a workflow state
  • etc.

These attributes can of course be adapted to specific conditions. Part of this module are also all kind of reports.

Budget module

This module is designed for definition of budget categories and items based on contracts with suppliers. Particular budgets of suppliers can be imported from MS Excel files or can be created directly in the system. Each budget item contains its name, number of units, price per unit and total price. After budget definition suppliers can report each month the number of supplied units. After client approves those numbers, they can issue an invoice. This type of reporting will greatly facilitate the work of the client employees, because the only thing that suppliers can specify is the number of units which arethen automatically converted to the contract price. Of course there are reports what was already supplied and what is left. All this information can be monitored separately for items / suppliers / commisions, both in the units and prices.

Contact module

In almost any system, you need to record contact information, whether for employees, suppliers, customers, etc. In our system, it does not matter where the contact was created, it is automatically assigned to all other contacts. This way of working with contacts ensure the use of the same contacts within the system and to prevent duplication. Each contact can be assigned to one or more groups to which they belong (eg employee, the person responsible for the requirements, etc.)

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Cooperation or partnership

We are open to new opportunities and are happy to establish cooperation within any other area that could use our solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the meeting where we can duscuss possible cooperation and its further conditions.

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