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Facility management

Within the Facility Management solution we have modules for passport, asset management, help desk with ophisticated Work Flow, recurring activities, contacts, etc. Everything can be related to the costs and budget.

Within Facility Management we offer a variety of modules that are interlinked to form the whole system. These modules can be used separately and gradually expanded.


Passport module is designed to record and monitor data about property, its components, surfaces, infrastructure, technology and distribution facilities. It allows you to sort and search for information based on the attributes, it contains drawings and other documentation and is connected to other modules in the system, such as help desk, repetitive activities, assets management etc. This module, however, is not limited only to this. Due to the possibility of definition of schemes (position, technological, organizational, document, etc.) it can record and monitor also organizational structure within the organization, document mangement, etc.

Tento modul ovšem není omezen pouze na tuto evidenci. Vzhledem k možnosti definice tzv. schémat (polohové, technologické, organizační, dokumentové, atd.) je možné evidovat a sledovat kromě nemovitostí či technologických zařízení také organizační strukturu v rámci organizace, vést dokumentovou evidenci atd. This is possible due to high variability in passport settings.


Module „Helpdesk“ is primarily designed for centralized reporting, recording and evaluation of requirements of any kind for example requests for maintenance, accident reports, requests for shopping, material requests, etc.. This module is always set for the specific conditions of each customer. Requests are classified according to their types, and each type can have custom attributes, forms, workflows and reports.

Helpdesk records can be accessed from the desktop, web or mobile application and be available to all users easily and practically from anywhere. Especially thanks to a mobile application on the phone or tablet, you can view, edit or register requests directly from place of their findings. Such information automatically contains GPS location, you can add photos, voice recordings, fill forms and send this information instantly to the system where you or others can process it. It will not happen that you forget something or there will be a delay between the finding and registration of it!

Repetitive activities

Compared to the usual requests periodic activities include extra information on the frequency of their repetition in time. It is therefore a type of requests which are suitable mainly for monitoring and records of specific activities such as:

  • revisions
  • technical inspections
  • controling
  • recurring maintenance
  • etc.

These activities are divided into different categories, and the system automatically checks the time of their planned realization. Users can then see the color highlighting of records, which are to be realized. In the same way it is possible for example to highlight the records for which the inspection technician certificate has expired or has been identified some shortcomings within the control or review.

The system can automatically generate additional records based on repetition period, both individually and collectively. All records are again in a simple tabular report with possibilities of grouping, filtering, sorting, totals and export to Microsoft Excel. As with the normal requests, it is possible to attach photos and documents, track finances, use GPS with map, etc. Periodic requests can either be solved separately in its own module, or in the selected time before execution, individually or collectively selected and moved to the helpdesk module with predefined state and realized there.

  • list of periodical activities
  • categorization
  • visual notice of approaching terms of realization and other important information
  • automatic generation of additional records
  • attaching photos
  • documentation (revision reports, protocols, invoices)
  • finances tracking and link to budget


The budget is module where it is possible to define the budget category and budget accounts with which is then possible to work in the system and keep track of budget spending for the selected period.

Assets Management

Property module contains a complete overview of client property. Propertys can be registered only in our system or be retrieved from the economic system or combination of both. Compared to the economic system there are significantly more options in this module for tracking information relating to property management. It is therefore an appropriate complement of the economic system, including property register, that the economic system does not record (small assets, etc.). The property is closely connected with the module passport and thanks to that we can determine its exact location. The is also possible easily view property, located in a building, floor, room etc.


The inventory module serves to the physical inventory using barcodes as an extension of property module. The module serves to perform a physical inventory using either computer or barcode reader with Windows CE. The inventory module complements the property module. Physical inventory it then much easier and quicker. It also reduces the percengate of error.


In almost any system, you need to record contact information, whether for employees, suppliers, customers, etc. In our system, it does not matter where the contact was created, it is automatically assigned to all other contacts. This way of working with contacts ensure the use of the same contacts within the system and to prevent duplication. Each contact can be assigned to one or more groups to which they belong (eg employee, the person responsible for the requirements, etc.)

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