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Road management

Passportisation of  road network elements, register of defects in the road network, conducting inspections, guarantees register, etc. All information can be sent directly from the place of their discovery using mobile devices.

This solution is primarily for Road Management employees. It benefits from use of mobile applications for data acquisition in the field. Using the GPS position, camera for photos and specifying the information using predefined forms the information contains all necessary for further processing.


Pasport module is designed for recording and tracking data about objects of the road network, components, areas, infrastructure, etc. allows you to sort and search for information based on the attributes, contains drawings and other documentation, and is linked to other modules in the system, such as are defects, inspection, periodic activities, property, etc. Passport module is not limited only to this register. Because of the possibility of so-called schema definition (situational, technological, organizational, document, etc.) can be recorded and monitored in addition to communication, real estate, or technological devices also organizational structure within the organization, document management etc. This is possible due to high variability in the passport settings.


Module „defects“ is primarily designed for centralized reporting, recording and evaluation of defect conditions on the road network, but can also be used to record maintenance requests, accident reports, shopping requests, etc.. This module is always set for the specific conditions of each customer. Defects are classified according to their types, and each type can have custom columns, forms, workflows and reports. The defects can be accessed from the desktop, web or mobile application and make them available to all users easily and practically anywhere. Especially thanks to a mobile application on the phone or tablet, you can view, edit or register defects directly from place of their findings. Such information automatically contains GPS location, you can add photos and send this information instantly to the system where you or others can process it. It will not happen that you forget something or there will be a delay between the finding of defect and registration of it!


This module contains records of performed inspections on road network including reports for reporting purposes.


This module is used to maintain guarantees on the elements of the road network. There are automatic reminders aftewards reminding user of valid guarantee in a place of found defect.


Of course there is a map component, used for showing defects, traffic signs, elements of road networks, etc. in the map.

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