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Offered services

In addition to the implementation of our solution T-IS we offer a variety of other services such as application development, creating web pages, consultancy, management of smaller computer network, etc.

Mobile application development

Do you need mobile applivation for specific use or do you have software for which you need it? Given the fact that we are focusing on mobile applications, it is not a problem to make any application according to your requirements.

Other software application development

The custom software and application development enables customers to meet their specific needs in cases where there is uneffective deployment of standardized software systems. We also develop our own information system, which covers a range of activities and consists of both web and mobile application. The system is largely modifiable and thus also easily adaptable to specific needs.

Implementation and optimilization

Based on the customer’s requirement we make an implementation analysis, which describes the requirements and suggestions for system changes. During the analysis we map the situation which allows us to choose the optimal implementation solution individually for each customer.

The implementation services includes system installation, configuration, employee training, etc. The aim of the analysts is to realize the implementation process as effectively and quickly as possible. We are trying to ensure that the existing data, forms, documents, reports and other elements of the previous system and were incorporated into a new system.

Each implementation or optimization process follow the testing phase. Customer in collaboration with our analysts perform acceptance tests. During this phase are removed and adjusted any errors made in the implementation or optimization process.

Consultation and advice

It is very important before choosing a particular software to decide whether a given system or application meets all requirements not only in terms of functionality, but also the environment in which this product will be deployed. During our consultation we provide customers with analysis not only of the product or system they intend to deploy but also if customers hardware is sufficient with the system. Based on these findings we recommend or suggest the most effective system and present also anticipated financial statement for the development or implementation of the system together with an overview of the evaluation criteria for the system.

If interested, we provide assistance in the offer evaluation, an assessment of price and quality and subsequently provide an oversight of ordered implementation and optimization services.

Our services also include preparation, evaluation, review and comment on the contractual arrangements, both legal and factual.

Website Creation

As part of our activities we also offer website creation. We are able to provide whole website, including graphic design, coding of the site and its fulfillment.

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Cooperation or partnership

We are open to new opportunities and are happy to establish cooperation within any other area that could use our solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the meeting where we can duscuss possible cooperation and its further conditions.

Contact information

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