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Facility management of school

Thanks to cooperation in the field of education the Facility Management solution was extented. The uptad solution was named  „Control management system“.

Thanks to cooperation in the field of education the Facility Management solution (described here) was adapted for school needs. The new solution was named “Control management system.” The Facility solution was extented by:


  • register of basic types of requests (repairs, breakdowns, purchases, services, …)
  • register of the annual requests
  • register of orders linked to individual requests
  • change of default work flow including roles such as  transactor or budget administrator
  • document management (invoices, receipts, contracts, …)
  • document approval process – approving all document prior to assigning it to request. There are predefined states such as formal inspection, material inspection, transactor approval, budget administrator approval, etc.
  • register of preliminary and actual costs with a link to budget

Repetitive activities

  • records of inspections and controls (electricity, lightning, chimneys, gas, pressure vessels, elevators, fire extinguishers, …)
  • relation to passport objects
  • register of inspection technicians, business relations with them, certificates and their validity
  • evidence of inspection reports and photos

Assets management and inventory

Within the assets management module there are conversion bridges between our module and the third party accounting system through which it is possible to synchronize data and further extended its attributes, add photos or documents, etc. Assets can be assigned to specific individuals, link them to passport objects and use the inventory module. The advantage of this module is also the easy access to information about assets for any user.


Contacts were extented of possibility of supplier evaluation in relation to the ISO, attaching documents such as contracts, certificates, copies of documents, etc. It is also possible to connect a scanned signature to a contact that can be used for reports as a verification of the approval process.

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Cooperation or partnership

We are open to new opportunities and are happy to establish cooperation within any other area that could use our solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the meeting where we can duscuss possible cooperation and its further conditions.

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